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As Achievers has grown, we see again and again that people come to us for our exceptional customer service. It’s the #1 reason why schools switch to Achievers for graduation-related products.

We simplify graduation with attentive, guaranteed on-time service and high-quality products — diplomas, class rings, caps and gowns, and other items. We handle the details for you, so you and your seniors can enjoy graduation!

A graduation planner you can trust.

Partner in Planning

Our experienced team will build a successful plan to meet the goals of school administrators, students and parents.

  • We immediately establish a timeline for you with product, service and delivery expectations.
  • We regularly contact you to update of the status of the project.
  • We address the specific needs of each school’s administration, faculty/staff, students and parents.
  • We work with the district to minimize high school graduation ceremony costs absorbed by the district.
  • We create a product ordering schedule that allows students and their families to minimize the costs associated with their senior year.
  • We stay in touch with suppliers to confirm on-time delivery.

Sheilagh Andujar